The Novel Sports Multi-Sports camp is geared towards developing athletic and mental abilities through the participation in various sports. Each sport provides an opportunity to use different movements, physical and mental abilities, increase fitness and gain confidence. Kids may discover their passion for a few sports rather than just one sport.

Using the right equipment, proper facilities and coaching, kids can become motivated to excel in all aspects of life. The camp’s theme is : UNDEFEATED – allowing kids to gain a sense of self motivation, self esteem , confidence and never give up attitude. facebook

Novel Sports also recognizes that all kids reach their peak performance in any sport at different ages and physical capabilities. We have to monitor and allow kids and parents to understand how to recognize these peak performance indicators so that we can then encourage them to train in the right manner to further their progress. The camp endorses the LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) methodology.

Kids are allowed to participate in cricket, football, badminton, tennis, basketball, archery, agility and fitness, mental development sessions and many more engaging sports based activities.

Novel Sports promotes teamwork as a critical aspect of success and utilize our Sports-ta-Cle Circuit to aid in kids experiencing this concept at an early age. We promote fun and creativity as a critical part of motivation for all activities. The camp is open to kids ages 5 yrs to 15yrs, both boys and girls.

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About Novel Sports Ltd.

Novel Sports Ltd . offers technology in sport for training, research and development. Technology has evolved at such a phenomenal rate over the last decade; that our sporting fraternity seems to have lacked the availability of the necessary technology to give our sporting teams the competitive advantage that most other countries depend on for success. Indeed technology will aid all in better appreciation of their respective games.
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