About Us

What is the Novel Sports Experience Centre?

Our Sports Experience Centre provides kids of all ages with an opportunity to enjoy a variety of sports in a non-competitive environment. There is no pressure for kids to perform, their confidence is boosted and they are encouraged to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.Mission: “To Promote a Healthy and Active Lifestyle” Our sport experience includes T20 cricket, mini golf course, arcade basket ball, badminton, tennis, target football, volleyball, badminton and much more.

Who is it for?

Our Sport Experience Centre is for all kids ages, their friends and parents and guardians; basically anyone who is interested in experiencing some novel sports.  We can tailor the activities to cater to each group, including the often neglected toddlers. Parents are also encouraged to participate with their kids.

How does it work?

Our Sports Experience Centre comes on location to you, whether you are catering to a personal birthday party, fund raiser, family day, sports day or corporate event.  We work with you based on your budget, target group age and size and space availability, in Trinidad and Tobago. We customize our packages to suit your venue, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Why choose Novel Sports?

The Sports Experience Centre is a refreshing alternative to the traditional kid activities like bouncy castles, games etc. “Active Kids become Active Adults”The Sport Experience encourage children to be active and perhaps even discover hidden skills. In our experience, all kids, no matter age or gender have fun.

For you the parents, guardians and caregivers, your kids benefit from physical activity, instilled confidence, teamwork, motor skills development and more. Research has shown that active kids are more likely to become active adults.

About Novel Sports Ltd.

Novel Sports Ltd . offers technology in sport for training, research and development. Technology has evolved at such a phenomenal rate over the last decade; that our sporting fraternity seems to have lacked the availability of the necessary technology to give our sporting teams the competitive advantage that most other countries depend on for success. Indeed technology will aid all in better appreciation of their respective games.
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