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Novel Sports Caravan: The full range of sports is included, where space is available for free play by patrons. Ideal for large groups and diverse age groups. A great way to keep kids occupied at events where adults are participating too, such as family days, harvests, sports days, special events etc.

Novel Sports Corporate Events: An all inclusive packages with prizes, certificates etc, customized to your theme. The target group may be children in a community, special organizations, festive events or the children of the employees.

Novel Sports Fundraisers: Yes, the Sports Experience Centre can be set up to help you raise funds for your events such as bazaars, competitions and special events etc.

Toddler Sports: So often our little ones are neglected at special events. We provide our Novel Sports Toddler Centres which provides a safe place for the small ones to rump with soft sport toys, and a chance for parents to free their hands! Interaction and basic gross motor skills like jumping, throwing, kicking are encouraged.

Novel Sports Camp: this unique concept focuses on introducing kids to different sports during a camp by teaching the fundamental movement skills, motor skills and basic technique. This will assist the child in gaining confidence and discovering a passion for either a single sports or multiple sports. Coaches have fun instilling confidence, motivating and building teamwork amongst kids. Discovering their sporting potential is key for their holistic development.

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Novel Sports Ltd . offers technology in sport for training, research and development. Technology has evolved at such a phenomenal rate over the last decade; that our sporting fraternity seems to have lacked the availability of the necessary technology to give our sporting teams the competitive advantage that most other countries depend on for success. Indeed technology will aid all in better appreciation of their respective games.
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