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Confidence, self-esteem and teamwork!

Your kids enjoy fun, non-competitive sports while developing their skills. Kids are introduced to 8 popular sports: football, cricket, basketball, golf, volleyball & tennis

Birthdays are better at Novel Sports Kids!

An alternative to bouncy castle, we bring a unique sports experience to your child’s birthday. High-energy sports and activities encourage participation and build excitement!

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Trini Parents Want More!

As our country as fast developing, parents are constantly on the lookout for new activities and entertainment for their children and Novel Sports Kids provide just that.


What customers are saying…

Denyse Ewe, Parent
Coach Duane was responsible for, as one kid put it, ‘the best birthday party EVER!’

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Denyse Ewe, Parent

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Novel Sports Ltd . offers technology in sport for training, research and development. Technology has evolved at such a phenomenal rate over the last decade; that our sporting fraternity seems to have lacked the availability of the necessary technology to give our sporting teams the competitive advantage that most other countries depend on for success. Indeed technology will aid all in better appreciation of their respective games.
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